Well, who doesn’t know the most peculiar detective one can expect, diagnosed as a sociopath and plunged into the city of London, as we know it, solving crimes and preventing catastrophes. Maybe, if the series hadn’t been fictional, the current crises in London could have been stopped. Even those who are typical Holmes fans, however, are a little skeptical, and do not get just hooked because it is Sherlock. This newly adapted version is suspenseful and sometimes genuinely funny. No matter, if you are a fan or the utmost critic of everything Mr. Doyle wrote, you will be shocked by this beautifully merged version of the old classics with a modern touch!

Tonight, June 4th, at 9:45 pm, “The Six Thatchers” – the first episode of the fourth and final season – will be broadcasted on „ARD“. It will be continued, around the same time by “The Lying Detective” (Monday, the 5th of June) and “The Last Problem” (Sunday, the 11th of June). The Sherlock TV-series was first broadcasted on BBC in 2010 . Fans had to wait an entire year before they could finally enjoy another season, with just three to four episodes. In the beginning of January 2017 the series reached its final in Great Britain.

A new exciting world was created successfully by a seemingly impossible, contemporary twist. The essence of the Sherlock stories preserves and the stories are essentially very closely related to the original stories, so is the first episode “A Study in Pink” taken on “A Study in Scarlet” – the first Sherlock Home novel. Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle’s old-fashioned detective story revives the old-fashioned feeling of the Victorian period.

While the creators of “Sherlock”, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are quite known in the film business, as they have also drafted scripts for “Doctor Who”. Mark Gatiss is further known for acting as Tycho Nestoris in “Game of Thrones”. It certainly was a genius task, as Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss took Conan Doyle’s master detective and replaced him with an even more sociopathic, extraordinary, consulting detective, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Except, that Cumberbatch is a fantastic cast for the eccentric Sherlock, Mr. Cumberbatch, he is a distant relative of the author Arthur Doyle. This is just one example of the “Easter eggs” enthusiastic viewers will appreciate.

Sherlock” TV-series is seemingly flawless, after all BBC took an entire year for each new season with its three to four episodes. This time frame made most connoisseurs mad. At least such a long filming period makes flaws nearly impossible. However, sometimes you may stumble across superficial mistakes, but these were mostly intentionally made. So when being observant, you might be pleased with your own discoveries. These hidden hints are another feature, which makes this series an unforgettable experience for everyone attentive, and of course a highlight for Sherlock Homes connoisseurs.

Well, before you can see the picture behind the puzzle, to start off, you need to look at each part of it. Puzzling in reality, you may develop your own strategy and remove all pieces with an edge and attempt to connect them with each other. For Sherlock Holmes it is a puzzle of the mind. Every character holds a mystery, which can only be discovered by deductive reasoning. To the untrained eye, Sherlock Holmes’ questions seem first random, but of course the intention behind them reveals another dimension. In the first episode, Sherlock Holmes meets with John Watson and immediately asks Watson, if he has been to Afghanistan or Iraq? For everyone who does not know him yet, it might surprising, if a stranger evidently knows more about your life than your closest friends or your family. However, Sherlock can be quite direct, after all, he is an audacious sociopath. Who is excited about the thrill of the “impossible crimes” London’s miserable police is incapable to solve.

Nonetheless, Sherlock Holmes constantly amazes the audience, using “magic” to predict the outcome. All seasons are comprised of their individual story lines, however, they are actually intertwined by the constant battle between the criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty and Mr. Homes. By transferring them into todays world they are enabled with almost endless possibilities, to haunt each other. This mind-blowing battle climaxes into a psychological torture, where only one of them can “reign”! The insanely good storyline and several twists, make Sherlock Holmes an unforgettable experience and can be recommended to everyone!

By Laura S. (year 11)

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