Joshua: “Hello, do you have time for an interview?”

Rachel: “Yes, I do.”

Joshua: “Great! What’s your name?”

Rachel:”My name is Rachel Dean.”

Joshua:”How old are you?”

Rachel:” I’m eleven years old.”

Joshua:”Okay, where are you from?”

Rachel: “I’m from Glasgow, it’s in Scotland.”

Joshua: “Cool, do you have a brother or a sister?”

Rachel: “Yes, I have two siblings.”

Joshua: “Do you go to a club?”

Rachel:” Yes, I go to the dance club, it’s funny there.”

Joshua: “Wow! That sounds great. What sport do you like?”

Rachel: “I like tennis very much.”

Joshua: “What do you do in your free time?”

Rachel: “I read books.”

Joshua: “Really?! Ok, what music do you like?”

Rachel: “I like hip hop, I think this music is great.”

Joshua: “Do you play an instrument?”

Rachel: “No, I don’t play an instrument.”

Joshua: “Thanks for this great interview, I find it very interesting, bye have a nice day!”

Rachel: “You too Joshua, bye, bye!”

(aufgezeichnet von Karline, Klasse 5)

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